Monday, June 26, 2006


with: Laundry Room Squelchers, Scarcity of Tanks, Gays in the Military, Panicsville

A very similar bill at the Big Horse Lounge happened in December and it now being summer and with truly horrific rock bands not on the bill, this show was bound to be more fun. Panicsville started off the night with a 'rock set' featuring two guitars, some electronics and drums. The results turned out well and were somewhat hilarious during one song when one guitar repeated the same riff for 10 minutes while the other guys in the band got beer and smoked. For awhile they sounded like Drunks with Guns (but underwater), which was real neat, but I guess it makes sense because they were doing a Drunks with Guns cover, LOL. BLOODYMINDED played second. They opened with Lake Street and ended with 10 Suicides, what else is new. The PA at the Big Horse is known for sucking, but I thought it added a neat variable to their set. The vocals seemed louder or popped out more, and on "Bound to Die" Ed sounded like Dominick Fernow (which is of course a compliment!) though maybe he just delivered them with extra ferocity. Genital Panic was probably the treat of the night. I wish someone would name their band after this song. It was also interesting that during BLOODYMINDED'S set I encountered a man who claimed that HE was their number one fan. I was like, "whatever." I hadn't seen him at a show in months, and a TRUE fan wouldn't move away from Chicago! It's a fact they play here more than anywhere else, duh! I think Scarcity of Tanks played next, this set was more musical and less bad poetry than their last show, which was fine by me. Not entirely my thing, but that guy Wasco sure has heart. Gays in the Military came on next and threw porn at the audience, always my favorite part of their show. At one point I had to deflect porn from hitting me in the face with porn I was holding in my hand. They had a bunch of nudie magazines ripped up and thrown on the floor, which was amazing additive to the Laundry Room Squelcher's set, who played next. They started off with little radios in hand as well as amps. The enthusiastic audience jumped in and it quickly became a mess of bodies and sound. It was awesome looking at the ground seeing a mass of bodies on top of a mass of pictures of naked bodies and holes, thrashing around. They played for a rather long time, one of the longest LRS shows I've seen. ALWAYS a fun time.

Thursday, June 22, 2006


with: Burn Ward, Ocsillating Innards, Pedestrian Deposit, Casiotone for the Painfully Alone

Free Monday at the Empty of my favorite scenarios for live music. Also with a long lineup of acts, I was excited about this show in advance. I planned my bicycle ride in hopes of cutting a bit into Wilt's set because they always play too long, and arrived at the perfect moment as they were wrapping up. The rest of the night seemed to be super amateur night, as first displayed by Burn Ward. I forget which order who did what, but all three touring acts (aside from Casiotone...which I barely paid attention to) seemed to either start off with a delicate light sound and then dove into a blast of harshness, or built up a harsh wall, cut it down to a pretty melody, then brought it back to head exploding fuzz. Watching Burn Ward sort of made me laugh when it happened, it seemed so cheesy. Overall his set was ok, but completely unremarkable (though I guess I just remarked about some things) and forgettable. I was curious to see what Oscillating Innards was going to do because I had seen him twice before. This time around he played a little bit of a longer, varied set, but also built up some tones, delved into a harsh wall of noise, then cut it out to this lingering piano(?) track, then back into indiscernable blah. There were a few seconds of silence and he launched into another 'song' which was much better than the first half of his set, full of solid, low pops and hums, magnified by me standing by the bottle's subwoofer. Unfortunately that part of his set was much shorter, but did display other possibilities of what he can do. Pedestrian Deposit was up next and I barely remember the details of his less than 10? second set. He again started off and then jumped into a blast of sounds, which sounded really dynamic and awesome, then it shorted out and he threw a fit, possibly hesitating before giving up completely. And it was completely dissapointing! I had barely seen his performance last summer at Nihilist, and still have a vague grasp of what he does. I regret he wasted taking advantage of the Empty Bottle's amazing sound system. BLOODYMINDED played next ON the stage, which I have come to prefer, actually. I stood in my favorite spot and they sounded excellent, I could feel the low end work its way throughout my body. They played the usual, started with Lake Street, ended with 10 Suicides. No suprises. There was a massive audience there to see Casiontone for the Painfully Alone, and it was fun to watch people smile and react to seeing BLOODYMINDED for the first time.


with: a bunch of miscellaneous junk

This show was put together in celebration of 6-6-06. I had never been to the Beach House (which I thought was a bar but turned out to be a house in Humboldt Park) before and missed the Intrinsic Action show in October, so I thought I'd check this out. I noticed on my 6 mile bike ride to the place (I googled it) that many people were outside partying, and blowing things up. Not an average Wednesday night, for sure. I couldn't find the exact house but was eventually pointed in the right direction by some people hanging out on a porch and another guy who asked if I was working. I got to the entrance and was really not interested in seeing anyone else on the bill, so I was an asshole and pretended to only have $2.00 instead of the requested $7.00. I really don't know where that number comes from but there have been a few other lackluster Chicago shows I have wanted to check out maybe one act of 3 but am hindered by that high number, but those are mostly at stiff sit down electronic snore events, so I don't think I'm missing much. Anyway...the house was pretty fun, and full of people. There was a pool of red liquid/fake blood that people were wrestling in and cheap drinks available. BLOODYMINDED was setting up in the basement. Ed was wearing a little leather tanktop and they had different synths. I was wondering how this was going to go over. I am not too familiar with Intrinsic Action, but had seen an...entertaining video of one of their performances from 1993. I could see the setlist on the table full of 'the hits.' They started it off and immediately I could sense, though the demeanor and aura of the band was the same, the blasts of their equiptment was totally different in a very captivating way. I thought it sounded awesome. The beginning of "Feel the Bite" I thought I could hear the beginning of "Who are You?" by the Who but that was retarded wishful thinking and spacing out on my part. There was an awful heckler that interrupted during "Shock Pit", I think he called BLOODYMINDED "bullshit" and told them to shut up and he ended up in a tussle with Mark. The funny thing being he was about one third his size, also a shaved head. Ferocious and drunk. He left but came back during "Proto-Male" and - my absolute favorite moment- Mark got him in a headlock and seemed kind of unsure what to do next, and cracked a mic on his skull. The guy had to be pulled out of the room by a handful of people, after a harsh kick to the balls. Awesome show. They ended the set with "Groupies" and as it ended Mark walked "backstage" and it all seemed hilarious to me. I think BLOODYMINDED did an effective job as playing as Intrinsic Action and hope they do it again, you should all check it out if you have the chance.

Wednesday, June 21, 2006


with: John Wiese, Spykes, Behold! The Living Corpse

I had written a very eloquent and precise review of this show and before I was able to post it my computer crashed. I was left unmotivated to rewrite it and avoided the blogger site for a few weeks, hence a late review. Details have become perhaps a bit hazy. I do recall Behold! The Living Corpse rocking out with 6 or more people on the stage, BLOODYMINDED had a massive lineup of 5...The crowd turnout was horrific and makes me wonder what people do with their lives, for fun, anyway. It seems more and more people are 'making' "noise" music, but less and less people actually care, judging by audience numbers. Their loss! Well, sometimes anyway. I swear my original review was really thorough and awesome, now I can only recall how awesome the John Wiese and Spykes sets were. It was great to see John Olson play solo and he played a solid, varied sets full of great sounds. John Wiese played an exceptional set as well, especially his "encore." Both "John" performances were exactly what I needed, refreshing amongst so many mediocre sets I happen to see. UNFORTUNATELY because I have had technical difficulties and neglected this blog, well, I saw BLOODYMINDED for the 28th time last night as I write this, and I am getting the details of both nights blurred, as they played the same place, and the set lists were fairly similar. Though it is of note that at this show I rediscovered the perfect place to stand at the Empty Bottle, that emphasizes the low end and brings an extra element into the mix. I guess standing in the same exact spot for both shows makes it extra blurry as well. I don't mind if certain details don't pop out or sometimes one show is barely discernable from the next. Seeing something so many times is like watching your favorite movie over and over. Right? LOL.

Thursday, June 01, 2006


with: Coughs, Sword Heaven, Panicsville, Dynasty, some Spires

So, this was the BLOODYMINDED FISH FRY, an event to kick of the Coughs tour across America. BYOF, bring your own fish...or, butter your own front man. I think for many the main event of the night was to have Mark Solotroff covered in grease, but because that did not happen the night fell a little short of expectaions... for me at least. I was partially trying to see how many beers I could drink in a night but ran out of beers WAY too fast. Much of the evening was a blur. Panicsville played a pretty solid set that featured one of the dudes jumping up and down on matress spring frame amplified by contact mics and it sounded excellent! BLOODYMINDED played pretty early on in the night. MR. CITY is a couple of blocks north of LAKE STREET and I was gonna be pretty dissapointed if they didn't play that song. Luckily, they opened their set with it!! It went by pretty fast and for an instrumental moment I swore there were dance beats going on, somehow. It made me briefly contemplate the possibilities of the MC-202, especially after seeing David Reed work it a couple of months ago as well. It was neat seeing BLOODYMINDED play in the awesome basement setting of Mr. City with a mixed bill of bands and a diverse crowd of people who many I could see were experiencing BLOODYMINDED for the very first time. "Two Drops of Blood" and "Head." Oh dear, I will never get over those songs - I am so glad they exist...not much else to note about their set except when it was over I had completed my six pack of beer and there was a definite lack of (sorta per usual) 30 pack random beer mounds to scrounge from...bummer. Dynasty and some members of Spires that in the Sunset Rise played in the opposite corner sometime throughout the night but I was too distracted. Also knowing SWORD HEAVEN and THE COUGHS were going to play, I had my excitement devoted to them. Sword Heaven (as noted previously in this blog) played an awesome show in September in Chicago so I was looking forward to a ruthless assault of awesome, instead they were just...enjoyable. I wish they would have played for 20 min longer or so...oh well. Coughs ended the night, and let me tell you they are an awesome band. I like them even more than I like BLOODYMINDED and I am not even their #1 fan! That should be an indication of how incredible they are... So, READERS, they are on tour now...go see them when they come through your town!!! I have never seen them play a bad show, and even on their off nights they blow most bands out of the fucking water. I had gone to Mr. City a few weeks before and they surprised show goers by playing a handful of songs in their practice space, it seriously renewed my will to live! This show in comparision was kind of a dissapointment, maybe for a variety of reasons. The place was pretty crowded so I safely positioned myself away from sweaty bodies and behind the guitar sounded a little weird and went by in a flash, but maybe I was just really wasted, who knows. Either way it was an excellent night and there should be more loose bills of shows featuring different kinds of awesome Chicago bands and projects.

Friday, May 05, 2006


with: Is, Brotman & Short, Rotten Milk vs. Bubblegum Shitface, Spunky Toofers, Mr. Fuckhead, Buttfuck Pussy, and more
"International Noise Awards"

I already knew this was going to be a horrific show BUT this venue is only a few blocks away from my house and I really enjoyed seeing the Coughs there a handful of weeks before. It's sad to think about having to time out your arrival at every show because you want to try and miss all of the complete shit that's scheduled. It makes me reappreciate a solid bill of people that actually put thought into what they do and have a true love of music. For some reason that is a rarity...oh well. This show was planned as a part of the VERSION festival, a messy awards ceremony completely out of touch, for fun but not really fun or funny. Like most Version/Lumpen related events it was complete crap and an excuse to pat one another on the back for hollow mediocre bullshit. It was another sad endurance test that makes me want to just stay at home, listen to records and hang out with cats, though I showed up well towards the end of the evening. I DID want to see BUTTFUCK PUSSY because that name alone is amazing, but I first had to sit through another set of Spunky Toofers, who ineffectually plays circuit bent toys and freaks out wow, wacky. Luckily he kept it short, but there was plenty of talking and MC ceremony drivel to put up with as well. Buttfuck Pussy finally played but that band looks more fun to be in than to watch, as they covered each other in champagne and rolled around. I suppose the only redeeming moment of the night was watching Mark sing, "YOU BETTER GIVE GOOD HEAD CUZ YOU'RE ONE UGLY MOTHER FUCKING WHORE!" underneath a neon Jesus. The PA sucked but on that song the synths cut out at the perfect moment and it sounded great. By the end of their set I felt nearly dead and jetted home in mere minutes to listen to records and hang out with cats, which is always a good time.

Sunday, April 30, 2006


with: Adam Strohm, Church of Light and Sound, Kevin Drumm, others
Tarantulla Hill Benefit.

Another long lineup - for a good cause - but a really unnecessarily long bill of people who play shows WAY too often and really need to spend more time praticing at home vs subjecting the public to their soul-less wack off sessions. ANYWAY. I needed to see BLOODYMINDED but of course also Kevin Drumm, and the mysterious Adam Strohm. Blake Edwards did a magnificent job of making sure the night moved along smoothly and on schedule. I gladly ended up missing most of the night, and was there only for a few sets. Kevin Drumm delivered a solid set that reminded me a little of his "Horror of Birth" cassette on Chondritic Sound. I hope he plays live more often this year, to show people how it's fucking done. Adam Strohm was up next and played with his back to the audience, delivering a mellow building static jam. It was hard to see what he was doing, and I guess, more fun to guess what he was doing in my head. I hope he plays live again relatively soon. Unfortunately inbetween the 3 sets I did go to see, another project, Church of Light and Sound played. Wholly uninteresting and forgettable - I hope I never have to see him again, but like some of his suburban friends it seems he is on bills every few weeks, and it's only a matter of time before I have to endure his music again. Throughout the night there were also raffles, which are amazingly fun, even if you don't win. I was hoping to snag all of the Intrinsic Action cds (I am missing a few) or the whole cd section of the C.I.P. catalogue -wow. But no, the only thing I won was the chance to see BLOODYMINDED play SHOCKPIT!!!! How unexpected! Very nice rarity to whip out now and again, though I think it is more fun to see people scream and plead for the song than to hear it actually be played. It's certainly not in my top 10 or 20 songs BLOODYMINDED plays, but is probably in the top 46. Progressions and changes in BLOODYMINDED setlists are endlessly interesting. On many levels I feel grateful that BLOODYMINDED no longer plays "Pro-Ana" and "Pro-Mia", but at least includes "Bound to Die" for ED to sing on. It's awesome watching his face contort and turn red as he screams. BLOODYMINDED will never cease to amaze me.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006



Another FREE Monday at the Empty Bottle. The third time in four days I saw BLOODYMINDED. I was a bit tired from the previous days partying and endurance tests, but BLOODYMINDED made up for it. They played on the stage which is a rare occurance, and they had a five person lineup, which was really solid. Both "Two Drops of Blood" and "Head" were played, songs I just love to chant when I walk down the street or answer my phone. Cotton Museum had a table full of taped down gear and was really engaging to watch as he made it nearly collapse. Neat sounds in there, fairly minimal compared to some recordings I have heard of his. Sick Llama delivered some mellow bummer jams, a nice close to the extended noise show weekend.

Sunday, April 16, 2006


with: Aaron Dilloway, Evenings, KVLTS, Roxanne Jean Polise/Ortmann collab., Cotton Museum, Sick Llama
Tarantulla Hill Benefit

Another blurry wasted time. I always feel compelled to up "get fucked up" bar when I go to Michigan, though I'm not so sure I succeeded. Despite drinking a 40 oz. of Steel Reserve and having another undisclosed substance in my body, I was fairly sober by the end of the night, though I may have been the only one. The show took place in a cute intimate basement - looked like the perfect setting to see BLOODYMINDED. Lots of casual jamming took place, with not too much to note. Evenings played a very short, concise set that I appreciated very much - short and sweet. More people need to explore that approach. The RJP/Ortmann collaboration was quite good, considering they had only met the night before. KVLTS played a super short set, I couldn't see what they were playing but part of their setup included a can with beans in it? Uh... I don't think they were working up to their potential. Aaron Dilloway's set was cut on and off, I guess by a power supply but I was out of my mind during it and imagined he was just breaking his set into songs, which seemed really interesting at the time. Sick Llama and Cotton Museum were going to be playing Chicago a few days later so I wasn't paying so much attention... I think by the time BLOODYMINDED played the PA or a power strip was causing trouble, they had to cut their set short, to only about 10 songs. Everyone was having a blast though the band seemed frustrated, such perfectionists. What can you expect in a basement? Overall it was an awesome time and it's always fun to go to Michigan...the Red Room hosts were excellent, and made everyone tons of pizza. Hopefully, they have more shows, sometime eventually...

Saturday, April 15, 2006


with: Pommel, Spunky Toofers, Warmth, Is, Panicsville, other bullshit
Tarantulla Hill Benefit

Awful, awful night. Horrible - a lineup that was WAY too long, nobody was really in charge, most of the people playing were hollow bullshit fucks that don't care about music, have any talent or put any thought into what they do, OR play every fucking week when nobody really cares anyway. So the night slithered on miserably, even though I showed up about 3 hours after it was supposed to start. Warmth were OK given the circumstances, and it was nice to see Panicsville play after months of being gone. A highlight was seeing someone get sandwiched in between a wall and a table of gear - people often get what they deserve. Believe me when I say I'm not being harsh or overly critical... it was a truly horrible night, and the worst show experience I have ever had in my life. BLOODYMINDED tapped into this negative energy, played YOU SUFFER by NAPALM DEATH, packed up their shit and left, like I should have done hours before.

Thursday, March 23, 2006


with: many others

I knew I just HAD to go to No Fun Fest again. I am 96% sure that this BLOODYMINDED show is my absolute favorite. It was my first time seeing them on a STAGE. Holy shit. It was great to see them while apart of a massive crowd who I know many were seeing BLOODYMINDED for the first time. It was like reliving my own anticipation the first time I saw them. The set went by insanely fast, sounded EXCELLENT on the sound system there, which I noted seemed to emphasize the low end a bit for everyone...Very strong incarnation of the band, and a much more physical performance than usual. I'm surprised nobody got seriously hurt, and nothing got seriously broken...

Friday, February 10, 2006


with: Hair Police, Burning Graveyards, Lambsbread, Clotted Sseepage

I was excited about this show for weeks...interesting that Grey (Hive Mind) played in BLOODYMINDED this time (not just on DAZED) - but on MC-202. He definitely brought on the LOW END, incredible rumbles, probably one of the best sounding BLOODYMINDED shows I have ever seen. Nice to mix it up. The rest of the night wasn't as amazing as I expected it would be...Sseepage played goofball shit sounds, and it was cool to see Blake Edwards in a different context. I think Lambsbread must have had an off-night because they just seemed like wack-off guitar-freakout stoners, and I wasn't too into it. Knowing the talent and recordings of Graveyards, they didn't quite deliver and played a pretty short set, which bummed me out. Hair Police was pretty excellent though, and played a dense, varied set. It was good to see them, it had been too long.

Sunday, January 15, 2006


with: Oscillating Innards, Climax Denial, Wilt, Death Factory, Is

Great show....BLOODYMINDED played one of my favorites - HEAD. The audience was really enthusiastic at this show, which made seeing BLOODYMINDED extra fun. Just the night I needed during harsh boring winter. It was nice to see Climax Denial play again, and it was also nice seeing Oscillating Innards play again too, this time while not being completely trashed.

Monday, December 12, 2005


with: Scarcity of Tanks, Gays in the Military, Billy Carter Band

Lovely Little Girls were supposed to play this as well, but unfortunately cancelled. What a blur. BLOODYMINDED had some new kid in the band, and debuted a song that's provisionally titled "Girlfriend tries to explain schizophrenic episode by revealing childhood sexual abuse." WOWZERS. The new album they're working on is gonna be real good. The rest of the night was kind of flat, the Billy Carter Band sucked beyond belief and made me want to die...there was a ton of nudity and porn and baked goods during Gays in the Military, which seemed appropriate...and Scarcity of Tanks rocked out solidly with pcwah wah distorted guitar and stream of consciousness blathering, yay. The night ended with a horrific CHICAGO cover song that sent me wanting to hibernate for the rest of winter...

Thursday, November 03, 2005


with: Mister Fuckhead, Soft Serve, KK Rampage, Carpet of Sexy

God bless the Mutiny. I'm glad I rarely have an occasion to go there, so when I do go there it is usually somewhat enjoyable. I'm glad this was free, and I don't really go see the other bands on this bill too often, otherwise it might have been unbearable. Mister Fuckhead played a cool set shaving his head at the bar with minimal other sounds going on, pretty rad, unexpected. The rest of the night dragged on somewhat, as Soft Serve played an incredibly long, stretched out set... dwindled down a bit and more concise I would have enjoyed it... though, it is always a real drag when people stretch things beyond the point, and seem unaware of audience unrest and disinterest. It's a very common problem, I think even moreso in Chicago...regardless, it was fun to see BLOODYMINDED on a slightly different bill with a different audience. I got to sing the end part to AS IF! It was a DREAM COME TRUE. I need to start a power electronics band.

Saturday, October 29, 2005



I apologize for this break in BLOODYMINDED show reports, but I wanted to write that I AM aware of certain things that are missing from this blog. SUCH AS: never mentioning the band INTRINSIC ACTION, or MARK SOLOTROFF'S solo shows. I have seen him perform on numerous occasions and have enjoyed it thoroughly, but this is a blog dedicated to BLOODYMINDED, thus I am only going to write about BLOODYMINDED, regardless of how closely related other things may be.

Friday, October 21, 2005


with: Wolf Eyes, Prurient

Another promising lineup, at the best venue in the world. I was excited about seeing everyone on the bill, for sure. BLOODYMINDED started it all off, seamless and competently...Being apart of the audience felt like a warm, loving, heckling and thrashing family. SUPERB. I was not ready for their set to end by the time they reached their finish... I screamed out a request for "Lick" and they played it! WOW! Prurient played an exceptional set, rather different from the previous times I have seen him. He is definitely stepping it up a notch, I really cannot put it into words properly. Wolf Eyes played and it was my first time seeing Mike Connelly in the lineup. I thought it worked out really well, there were some excellent moments, especially with the triple screams coming from them all on stage, and John Olson's sax playing is better than ever before, integrated so perfectly with the songs now...

Tuesday, October 04, 2005


with: 16 Bitch Pile Up, Sixes, Gays in the Military, Panicsville, Vertonen

Does it get any better?! FREE Monday, the BEST venue, AWESOME mixed lineup featuring Sixes and 16 Bitch Pileup on tour with a handful of Chicago openers. Delightful. A whirlwind... I got some free ass porn from Gays in the Military, who had all these roller skaters and girating naked chicks, and that energy was prevalent throughout the whole night. BLOODYMINDED's singer was humped various times throughout the night by frustrated noise nerds, a mess of bodies. Excellent. The sound panned out in a very elegant crisp way, very top notch set! Sixes and 16 Bitch Pileup were splendid as well, though I wish they both played longer...

Saturday, September 17, 2005


with: Dark Fog, Behold! The Living Corpse, Rotten Milk and Bubblegum Shitface
Hurricane Katrina Benefit

This was a slow, mellow night waiting for BLOODYMINDED to play on a bill with bands I really have no excitement for. BUT WOW. How appropriate that BLOODYMINDED did a cover of "You Suffer" by NAPALM DEATH. Holy smokes! It really made me realize that BLOODYMINDED, while their own original songs ARE AMAZING, have this untapped potential to do mindfucking versions of cover songs, which will probably remain untapped. Which songs should they cover, anyway? I guess that's something new I have to contemplate now while waiting for the bus. Eternal thanks to BLOODYMINDED. Bummer to all those that got fucked over by nature...all is for the best in the best of all possible worlds.

Sunday, September 04, 2005


with: Sword Heaven, Behold! The Living Corpse, Total Recall

What a party. A great setting to see BLOODYMINDED in. I left feeling ecstatic, though I would mostly attribute that to SWORD HEAVEN, who stole the entire night. Hard to believe that would be possible at a show with BLOODYMINDED on the bill, but true... awesome crowd, hash, cocaine, late DJs, horrible jokes, my faith in humanity was briefly refreshed. I think I am finally at the point where I can predict almost EVERY song from the intros... BLOODYMINDED really needs to mix it up, or at least tell new stories or info so I can learn more about their songs... the only downside of the night was that SWORD HEAVEN did not play longer, they need to come back SOON. It was a very thoroughly enjoyable night, and a long one... the Maxwell Street flea marketers were already setting up as I rode my bike through on the way home.

Thursday, August 25, 2005


with: Carlos Giffoni, AIDS Wolf, Panicsville

Wow, the place was rather packed for this show, mostly kids wanting to see Aids Wolf... I was excited to see what their reaction to BLOODYMINDED might be. Panicsville and Carlos Giffoni played sturdy but unremarkable (as in, I have nothing to remark about) sets, and Aids Wolf totally fucking sucked. Kids were flipping out, am I missing something? BLOODYMINDED debuted a new song called 10 SUICIDES. The chorus of the song goes like, "WHAT WAS...the BEST...DAY...of your LIFE?!" And it really made me stop and wonder, almost as hard as when I read Alex Haley's book ROOTS, and he talked about his "MOMENT" in life on a slaveship, trying to relive what his ancestors and relatives went through...when all the points in his life were connected and had some greater significant reassuring meaning. To me, I would equate such an experience with a BEST DAY...What was the best day of my life? Did I have a "MOMENT" in my life? I could not exactly answer that question, and was left only to thank BLOODYMINDED for sparking some serious introspection for my walk home.

Tuesday, July 05, 2005


with: Aaron Dilloway, Hive Mind, Workbench, Climax Denial

I got to the Empty Bottle just as Climax Denial was playing...from the back, I thought his head was the singer's of BLOODYMINDED, and I freaked out for a second. It was hard to see what was going on, and I couldn't quite grasp what he was doing or what he was about (though, I managed to get a cassette from him that is very good, and a Current 93 patch on the back of his jacket helps provide some answers)...Aaron Dilloway played one of the best noise sets I have ever seen in my life. I cannot even begin to explain it...I felt bad for Workbench who had to follow him...bummer zone. Hive Mind delivered some of the best bass frequencies on the Empty Bottle's amazing sound system that left various parts of my body tingling. The stellar lineup added to the BLOODYMINDED experience, as everyone in the audience was undeniably stoked and enthusiastic... I'm still trying to figure out whether or not I'm a "hate lover" or a "love hater." Very fulfilling show...

Monday, May 30, 2005


with: Vertonen, Jason Talbot, Insect Deli

Free Monday at the best place in the world to see live music. A wasted night on many levels. I don't quite remember it all, but most of the openers were boring. I hadn't seen Insect Deli in ages, so that was neat. BLOODYMINDED played an extra long set that included PORN LORDS and GENITAL PANIC, some of my favorites. I ran into a tree on my bike on the way home, which seems to overshadow the rest of the evening, though it was a minor collision and I am more than OK.

Tuesday, March 22, 2005


with: many others.

Trying to fill my insatiable hunger for noise, I NEEDED to go to NO FUN FEST in New York. It was TRULY worth it. Too many moments and experiences to document, so of course I'll get right to BLOODYMINDED. I was really upset and near tears that I MISSED the Charlie Draheim set, I nearly wanted to die and start my life over to rectify this mistake- luckily BLOODYMINDED succeeded in cheering me up. WHAT A FUCKING WHIRLWIND. Basement approach similar to my first time with the band, though crazier... I just remember bodies flying through the air, tables, pipes, amazing heckles... totally shitty sound man. AS IF was possibly acoustic. Lots of starts and stops, more bodies, madness... a perfect mess. Possibly my favorite BLOODYMINDED show to date.

Sunday, March 13, 2005


with: Hair Police, Dead Machines, Wooden Wand and the Vanishing Voice, Right Arm Severed, Panicsville

Holy SHIT! BLOODYMINDED had a SIX PERSON LINEUP for this show! Unheard of! What a thoroughly fufilling night. Amazing line up. BLOODYMINDED didn't fuck around. There was a little more going on - more synth but mostly MORE ENERGY, and probably the best rendition of LAKE STREET ever. Near absurdity, be still my heart...I really enjoyed this incarnation of the band. I forgot all about Xavier, who played with them the first time I saw them, and always gets MIND THE GAP dedicated to him. Gosh, whenever I ride public transit and see people with weight issues I think someone should (no, they should never) do an alternate version of the song called MIND THE FLAP that somehow ends like - "you look like you just stepped of a couch!" Ugh, hideously bad. Anyhow, it was a really fun night. The Orphanage is a strange but comfortable place to see a show, and there was a fun turnout. Panicsville played a rocking set that had guitar riffs in it, Right Arm Severed was retarded and pointless (sorry), WWVV played a solid song set, Dead Machines probably played their best set ever I have seen from them and Hair Police was just SO good. Trevor is such a captivating drummer, Mike is an awesome front man, and Robert is undeniably talented and sauve in the electronics department...such a great band.

Wednesday, March 09, 2005


with: Sickness, Karlheinz, Emil Beaulieau

Another weird night. Perhaps it's the energy within the walls of Buddy... I don't really remember all of the details. SICKNESS played a table full of pedals had kind of an emotional tantrum at the end of his set, throwing his table. I was kind of let down by this performance, but he is redeemed by his awesome RRR PICTURE DISC, especially its locked groove. I need to get all of his shit, eventually. Karlheinz played briefly, I could not really grasp a sense of what he does...nor was I able to pick up his new record. I hadn't heard any recordings and am still uncertain of how I feel about his stuff - though I have heard his recordings are incredible. It was an undeniable BUMMER that he blew the Emil Beaulieau had to peform acoustic, AKA jokes, most of which are on the Femail and Friends cd-r on RRR (no offense, but probably the only thing worth getting by that band). BLOODYMINDED's set was excellent as usual. I'm kind of having a dilemma as to whether I like Pro-Ana or Pro-Mia better... in terms of eating or not though, I would rather just dodge that question and devote my love to CHALK EATER, which is amazing beyond comprehension (still working on it- comprehending its amazingness).